Stay Youthful with Cosrx and Some by Mi Pakistan Products

Stay Youthful with Cosrx and Some by Mi Pakistan Products

Some by Mi Pakistan Promises Extra Face Care

Looking at the flawless face in the morning is everything to kickstart pleasant whole day mood.Some by Mi is here to assure overnight skin treatment using only the extracts from the natural bounty.

Some by Mi Yuja Niacin Sleep Mask

The multifunctional sleep mask consists of Yuja extract, glutathione, aquaxyle and fructan. The ingenious designed natural formula helps to achieve youthful skin, brightening, de-pigmentation and moisturization of skin overnight. The magical formula combines the power of 10 vitamins in Yuja niacin sleep mask that works like a miracle for dull and unhealthy skin. The texture of the cream is light and thin and assures smooth application over the skin. Don’t forget to acknowledge its multifunctional properties that provide skin whitening and anti-wrinkling solution in one product. 

Some by Mi Pakistan claims original product on their biggest online store, in Pakistan.

Some by Mi Galactomyces Pure Vitamin Glow Toner

Some by Mi Pakistan brings another revolutionary K-beauty formula at stores as they are the best skin products. The pure vitamin C glow toner contains galactomyces ferment filtrate making it super duo for radiant and smooth skin. It is especially soothing for irritated skin or season-prone skin. The best of K-beauty formula is free from artificial ingredients, parabens, sulfate, mineral oil and silicon. Niacinamide and Adenosine fight against dark spots and wrinkles. Some by Mi galactomyces pure vitamin glow toner is worth for few bucks.

Cosrx Pakistan Offers Trend Shifter Skin Care Products:

Revolutionary K-beauty products have shifted the paradigm in developing healthy skin products. The prestige Cosrx brand takes care of skin and eyes with the power of Ceca and Snail extracts.

Pure Fit Ceca Cream

Pure Fit ceca cream by Cosrx Pakistan providers is a brilliant formula composed of 28 skincare ingredients. It deeply moisturizes the skin with 7 seven cica ingredients and highly concentrated 6000 ppm infused cica that strengthens weak skin barriers. The pinus pinaster bar relieves skin inflammation. Its extra-soft texture glides and absorbs over the skin in one go and nourishes skin inside out.

Advanced Snail Peptide Eye Cream

Cosrx peptide eye cream harness the powerful ingredients of snail mucin. This is another world skincare approach that nobody has experimented yet. It contains snail peptides and filtrates that hydrates under-eye skin as well as removes fine line and wrinkles. This cream will take away eye redness while antioxidants rejuvenate the skin. Users see a significant change in their eye health after the first application of eye cream. The luxurious advanced snail peptide eye cream is available at low cost only at Cosrx Pakistan online Stores.