Tales of A Wedding Fairy Tale In The Age Of Digital Media: Hashtags Will Tell A Story

Wedding season is in full-swing and making our instagrams jam packed with wedding photos and couple hashtags. Weddings have always been a beloved event in our lives. In the age of social media being able to share and capture this special event has become easier than ever. A great way to share your journey to marriage is to create a hashtag for your wedding. However, the perfect hashtag for your wedding is only successful if you guests actually use it.. Here are some things to keep in mind when creating and promoting your wedding hashtag:

  1. Keep it simple and catchy – A simple hashtag works for so many reasons. First, it is easy for people to remember. A wedding has so many things going on at one time, so often guests can forget about the wedding hashtag especially if it is very long or complicated. Having a long or complicated hashtag will also increase chances of your guests misspelling the hashtag. Along with keeping it simple, you want to make sure you are keeping it catchy as well. Make good use of some creative writing techniques by using rhyming, alliteration, and puns. This can help make it memorable for guests and encourages them to hashtag their photos all night long.
  2. Play with your names – The best way to create a memorable and creative hashtag for your wedding is to start with your names. Whether you use your first names, last names, or nicknames, a hashtag that incorporates both your names can help guests to remember the hashtag easily. A great way to incorporate your names into your hashtag and still keep it simple is to celebritize” your name. Mention Kimye and Brangelina to anyone and they’ll automatically know who you are talking about. Combining your names in this way is playful and easy to use for your hashtag.
  3. Stay away from generators – If you are truly stuck and cannot come up with anything, there are online generators that you can use. However, often online generators will come up with a generic hashtag for you. You want your hashtag to be a reflection of you and your partner’s love journey. A hashtag is a great way to tell your love story through social media. But using an online generator will give you a cookie cutter hashtag that can be picked up by anyone. Using a generator also increases the chances of you having a hashtag that is very similar to someone else. This could create some confusion when you want to search for your hashtag’s photos.
  4. Crowdsource ideas – Another great way to help come up with ideas for your hashtag is to ask your friends and family for suggestions. This is a great way to get your guests to start using your hashtag even before the big day. You can even make it into a game or competition. Asks guests on instagram and facebook to send in their suggestions for a wedding hashtag and offer up a small prize to the winner that will be given to them at the wedding. This gets your guests already interacting with you for the big day and starts the hashtagging early on.
  1. Get guests using it – A great hashtag only works if guests are actually using it. Encourage guests to use the hashtag even before the big day and use it as you document your wedding planning process on social media. Make sure to include on the save-the-dates, invites, and program cards. At the actual ceremony you can include the hashtag on the name cards so guests see it when they are seated. You should also have creative signs with the hashtag throughout the ceremony. You can also ask the DJ to mention it throughout the ceremony to encourage guests to use it and to post on their social media accounts.

When you are picking and choosing all the elements of your wedding you always want to think about quality. From your diamond engagement ring’s quality to the perfect shade of pink for your flowers, the quality of every detail is important, including something as simple as your wedding hashtag.