The Finer Options for the Designer Suits for You Now

The Finer Options for the Designer Suits for You Now

Whether for the groom, witnesses or guests, men must be beautiful on the day of the wedding. Obviously, the most beautiful must be the groom, but everyone is entitled to his moment of elegance. Choosing the right stuff, accessories, type of costume, colors and codes: let’s go through the elements to know when choosing a wedding suit for men is important now.

The spirit of marriage: the spirit of the costume

The first thing to do to choose a wedding suit for men is to analyze the spirit of marriage. Indeed, while everyone thinks that men’s costumes leave little freedom, on the contrary, men’s suits offer a wide variety of styles! Modern, country-style, romantic, stilted or quirky, each style of wedding matches elements of costume, for the groom as for the other men of the event. For the designer suits for men this is one important aspect now.

Prince of Wales patterned fabrics are ideal for romantic and country-style weddings, while plain (and not brilliant) fabrics on jackets or tails are ideal for weddings that are more formal or more formal. For more modern and quirky weddings, we will put on mismatched costumes in which pants and jacket are cut in different fabrics and where the pants will bring color (why not the color theme of the wedding).

Tie, bow tie, lavallière: the starting point

It is then what one wears around the neck which determines the rest of the costume: one does not choose the same types of costumes according to which one is equipped with a tie, a bow tie or of a lavallière. Note that if lavallière there is, it is often reserved for the groom.

Two rooms, three rooms, smoking: a tough choice?

Traditionally, you do not wear a tuxedo for a wedding unless it’s in the theme. For a wedding, one favors the two-piece suit: the three-piece suit is reserved for the groom.

Indeed, once the jackets fall to dance, the groom is distinguished from the lot because he is the only one to have a vest. Eventually, witnesses may also have a vest, as long as these are different from that of the groom.

Shirt and accessories: the codes

For the groom, you should know that the shirt should be a color similar to that of the bride’s dress: we must avoid making a mistake on this point! For the rest of the guests, the color of the shirt will depend on the costume and again the style of the wedding. For classic weddings, the simple colors (pale pink, light blue, white, cream, ivory and champagne, etc.) will be de rigueur, that goes without saying.

Finally, note that shoes are traditionally black for a wedding but if the costume requires it, they can be gray or blue if the suit is blue: we never wear black shoes with a blue suit, even dark.

If you need advice on choosing your wedding suits, consider using the expertise of a professional ready-to-wear, half-measure or tailor-made: it’s still the best solution to be elegant , without fault of taste. More than Pro professionals are recommended by their customers, take advantage of them for wise advice!