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9 Tips for decorating your garden

Once you have a garden in your house, it will take some time, effort and money to keep it beautiful and bright. Having that extra piece of space in your domain can be very practical if you know how to use it properly. Otherwise, it can become one space that will be filled with useless items and garbage, and that will not add up to your home and balance.

Decoration has many details, areas, and nuances and not everyone knows how to use color and space properly to liven up a place. Some professionals make a living out of designing spaces correctly and beautifully because these people understand that spaces are more than just storage. People live in them, and most of the times it is directly related to the quality of living.

Have a creative color palette

Go to a hardware store and explore the color palette to select the one that pleases your eye the most and also the one that goes accordingly to the color that is already used in your home. After choosing the colors, you can buy bulk wedding flowers for events and use them to recreate the palette in your garden.

Turn a bike into a planter

Old bikes that have traditional forms and shape can be reused into planters and give an extra touch to your garden. You can have a professional modify the place where the seat was to fit a potted plant and let it grow there. If it is a hanging plant, it will look beautiful when its leaves go down in the structure.

Corner of potted flowers

You can devote one corner of the garden to have potted flowers. It can be done using milk cans and an old stairs structure, so as to have different “levels” of plants. You could sort them by color and create patterns with them.

Use bottles to feed the birds

A bottle of wine can have wonderful use as a bird seeder after it has been already emptied in a great party. You would need to turn the bottle upside down and allow the seed to escape the bottle slowly by using some sort of dish on the entrance. This way the speed of the seeds will increase just as the birds eat the ones in the dish.

If wine bottles are not available, soda bottles can also work although they may need some extra decoration since plastic is not as elegant as glass.

Decorate your fence

The traditional white fence is a reference for movies and the American dream more than an actual good idea for all homes. This fence is not difficult to modify; you can punch holes in each board of the fence and insert colorful marbles in each hole, after sealing them there light will go through and show wonderful reflections.

Wood walkway

A great contrast to have wooden floors in the walkway that will contrast with the green from the grass or the exotic color of the flowers located next to it.

There is no need of expending too much money on this project; recycled wood boards can be repainted or treated to look as new and offer visitors a nice looking path to go around the garden.

Picnic table

Having a place to share with the family and friends is always a good incentive to strengthen ties and grow up as a group. A picnic table offers exactly that, a place to share food, games, thoughts and more. It does not need to be very big; a four-seat table can be useful, it can also be used to decorate a corner, using a small potted plant in the middle of the table can brighten any space.

Frames for flowers

This idea is related to creating some gallery using live flowers; it is not necessary to tear the flowers apart, that would be awful. The idea is to place a frame in the same place a flower or beautiful plant goes so that it has its own frame to be exhibited just like an Art Gallery would do.

If green plants cover the walls of the house, these frames can also be used there, and it will look like a formal wall of pics.

Bottled arches

With an iron frame, the possibilities of creating an arch for the garden are fantastic. Colored glass bottles can be used upside down as if they were balloons to create a colorful display of lights in the garden. Bottles can be attached using especial glue or by creating little hooks to hang the bottle upside down.

Gardens can be improved by using some easy DIY projects and tools; it is not necessary to call the professional all the time. The tips we have previously explained can be used to add some color and make any garden feel more like home for you and your visitors.

Remember that if you want to follow these pieces of advice security measures have to be taken. Always use protective goggles, gloves, and helmet since materials can hit your body and produce some injuries even if you were careful. Everybody says they don’t need protective gear until something happens. It is better to be safe than sorry. This way you can be safe and enjoy your garden at the same time.