Jewellery is a quintessential part of every women’s wardrobe. Now even men have taken to jewellery especially musicians in the rap industry have an affinity to sport a number of chains in all shapes and sizes and lengths too. From ancient times jewelry had a large part in adorning the human body, it was like a second clothing. Every part of the body would be adorned with some part of jewellery like the body necklace.

Where it is worn

The head, forehead, nose, ear, neck, waist, arms, wrists, fingers, waist, ankles, toes and many more were all adorned with jewellery. They would be worn for a symbolism, ritual, beauty, tradition and for status.

Of what it’s made of

The jewellery would be made out of large variety of materials, which are abundantly available in that region such as clay, wood, bamboo, plastic, metal, precious stones, ivory, bones, feathers, beads, seeds etc.

Jewellery worn on different parts of the body are give different names such as arm bands, nose, toe and finger rings, ear and nose studs, anklets or ankle chains, bracelets or wrist chains, bangles, waist chains, necklaces, neck chains, head chains.

Now you get the shoulder chain which can be worn on one shoulder or both, you can have the thigh chains, you can have the back chain, or the nape chain.


Jewellery has changed from time to time with newer embellishments and trends to suit the modern times. What was worn years ago would have been heavy and of a different make. Now people see the comfort, affordability and material used to make the Jewellery. We find that women love jewellery when they get it from their loved ones or when they themselves buy, but they’ll have to have it. Younger women love to experiment. Some of the old and traditional adornments are back but with a twist; they are worn not on traditional garments but the modern contemporary clothes which make them stand out and this unconventional look has caught on as a rage and craze on fashionistas.

Chains on the body

Chains give an alluring look, it gives the women a sense of mystique. The chain body necklace enhances the curves of the body and highlight your best points.

Chains in metallic silver or gold are trending today and like a head chain is cool for a beach party, or an event with right pair of clothes. Most of the people can carry off this look and you need not be a particular body type to wear chains.

The waist chain makes you look sensuous and it highlights the curvy waist and navel. It is worn if you are flaunting bikini tops, sarees etc.

The shoulder chains gives you the warrior princess look and the toned shoulders need an adornment don’t they. The back chains look great on low back necklines which are plunging the layered chains make it look a work of modern art.

The ankle chain has been there for a while but no you could sport multiple chains linked together or twisted. The thigh chains look great on mini skirts and short dresses, these chains look like tapestry and give you an opportunity to flaunt those sexy legs.

The chains are a passé but new designs never make them go out of fashion as every one wants a linked chains which can be worn independently or together.

All these designs are found online and can be seen in images from all angles with models posing in them so you could get an idea in how many ways a chain could be worn and which chain is worn where. These chains are found in attractive pricing range with delicate and intricate designs which suit the contemporary women’s fashion sense.