Handbags and backpack: the passions of all women

This is the year when fashion offers floral, tropical print, bright colors such as yellow and pink, models particularly inspired by the 70’s, so high-waisted pants and platform shoes. The accessories we will find in the showcases this season are very extravagant, colorful and bulky: extra-long earrings, necklaces full of colorful stones and large and heavy bracelets.

As every year, new trends are proposed by stylists and fashion designers but one of the tissue used for clothes that is always in vogue is the leather. Leather is a fabric that has accompanied us in the 70s, 80s and 90s and today is back to being used more and more for clothing and accessories.

Serien°umerica is an Italian brand that produces high quality women’s dresses and handbags: the production is entirely made in Italy, handmade by skilled craftsmen who work carefully selected materials to offer the best products on the market. Why are we talking about Serien°umerica? This company specializes in the production of leather clothes and bags, which produces with passion and originality in order to satisfy the needs of a growing number of women. There are so many women who have come back to dress with leather clothes, but above all they have a leather bag.

The Serienumerica leather clothes are made on original models, conceived and designed to dress elegant and enterprising women, with the desire to dare and try new styles and new models. The bags are really elegant and refined and reflect the desire to meet every woman’s desires.

Points of strength of the collection are the many models of leather backpack, so comfortable and at the same time full of charm. The backpacks made by Serien°umerica, are all handmade, with very high quality leather, very soft and incredibly durable. The backpacks are all in dark shades, very large, almost as representing an extra pocket attached to your body.