Pantone: colors and sensations

How important is clothing for all of us? Nowadays we are overwhelmed with commitments: work, family, friends, evenings and every occasion requires a different choice, depending on whether we are interested in being elegant, comfortable, fashionable or formal.

For women in particular, it is the type of footwear chosen that makes the difference, between a difficult day and a comfortable and relaxing one: standing on high heel shoes can sometimes be devastating, not only from a physical point of view, but also psychological. For this reason, beyond commitments, we should always choose a shoe that is both beautiful and comfortable, while giving greater importance to comfort.

When we rely exclusively on fashion for dressing, we often do not feel comfortable, either because the proposed models adapt badly to our physicality, or because the colors and patterns proposed are not suitable for us. The ideal would be to be able to choose your own style, based on the moment we live, the commitments we have and the season.

Pantone is a brand that over time has managed to understand the needs of those who need to feel at ease, wearing comfortable and unique shoes. The Pantone Universe is a reality that is based primarily on attention to colors, not only as visual projections, but as an expression of moods and personality. As we all know, there are many studies that analyze the use of colors to communicate something of themselves, albeit unknowingly. For example, Pantone color of the year, greenery, means calm and tranquility, as well as harmony with nature and all living things. In reality, according to these studies, the colors are not only able to communicate a pre-existing sensation but are capable of influencing moods. Pantone has based its strong point on this, choosing the most positive tones, in accordance with the fashions of the moment.

In conclusion, fashion certainly has an important role in our lives, also because we are often forced to choose among the proposals of the major designers (which are also imitated by smaller brands) and we do not feel free to decide according to our tastes and our preferences: fortunately, there are also brands that are detached from the masses and offer us shoes, clothes and accessories for all tastes!