Separating Zippers for Tailoring Needs

Separating Zippers for Tailoring Needs

As you probably know by now, there are different types and styles of zippers and one of these is none other than the separating zipper.

What is a Separating Zipper?

When you speak of a separating zipper, this is a type of zipper meant to completely separate to allow two parts of the garment, pack, or sleeping bag to totally come apart instead of staying bound together at one end at the lower part of the zipper.

Separating zippers are commonly used or seen on sleeping bags, jackets and garments meant to convert like pants that can be turned into shorts. It is an extremely type of zipper that makes it an ideal choice of zipper for a lot of applications.

How Do Separating Zippers Work?

Separating zippers are designed similar to that of traditional zippers wherein two sturdy fabric strips studded with small plastic or metal teeth that could be joined or bound together to form a seal. The zipper uses a slider that is manually operated to close and open. Depending on the movement’s direction, the channel in Y shape found inside the slider either joins or separates each individual zipper teeth. The zippers are often critical to the specific garments where they are  added and once the zipper gets broken or damaged, the garment is usually rendered useless until the zipper gets replaced or repaired.

What are Functions and Purposes of Separating Zippers?

Zippers can be used in various applications. There are times when a zipper is mainly ornamental and there are times when it is meant to allow access to a pack or pocket for a safer and more secured storage.

Zippers can also be used similar to buttons to allow passage of bigger objects such as legs and waists through garments that could be closed. Most sweatshirts and jackets feature separating zippers just like some of athletic pants instead of the open ended zipper that is sealed at one tip so that the slider doesn’t come off.

As far as separating zippers are concerned, the zipper’s base is open to allow the slider to totally disengage from the fabric’s other side. A tiny tab on both sides of the zipper could be reinserted to the slide for the two pieces to be rejoined.

Two textiles that have separating zippers can be joined together to form a double-sized sleeping bag, for instance. It gives the user the chance to separate or even reconfigure garments, backpacks, and sleeping bags. For instance, most backpacking companies sell backpacks that have zip-off daypacks using that feature a separating zipper.

The installation of separating zippers in garments is a bit different compared to the installation of a traditional zipper. This is mainly because it is presumed that the sewer uses the unique qualities of the zipper. Instead of using the zipper to create a tiny opening in a jacket or skirt, for instance, the creator will leave open the parts below and above the separating zipper to ensure that once unzipped, the garment’s two joined parts can be pulled completely apart.

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