The Perfect Trench Coat for the Perfect Occasion

The Perfect Trench Coat for the Perfect Occasion

We can never repeat it enough the trench is one of the essentials of the wardrobe, especially in mid-season. If it is perfect for this spring transition period that brings us to summer, it will be easy to wear until fall. It is almost a “3 seasons” clothing. It is also a jacket that does not go out of fashion, provided that one chooses a classic model and a matte color.

If my customers are looking for a trench coat, We often recommend choosing a slot. This is a stylish addition that will enhance their “outside” look in many occasions, whether for their professional dress outfits, cocktail dresses or with jeans and ballerinas for casual outings of the weekend. Here are 5 tips to find yours. With the right trench for women the look happens to be the best.

Choosing the right trench pattern

The right channel or the A-cut?

The straight cut Unisex fits most figures, especially if your shoulders are wider or as wide as your hips.

Cut the line A, Slightly flared, is ideal if your hips and buttocks have rounder, if you want to accentuate the “hourglass figure” effect or simply add curves in a figure of the small defined size.

The loose ditch?

Large, draped and / or flowing styles are part of the current trends. Be careful not to overload the silhouette, which may make it heavier. A shoe or boot with heel and narrow pants or a pencil skirt helps keep everything in balance.

Tip for stylist: please raise your sleeve trench (regardless of the cut) as you would for a blazer – guaranteed way indeed.

Belting or non-driving belt?

A trench with belt helps to determine the size, but it is also a matter of comfort. If you’re not a follower of the belt, two options: you can either cheat and go belt on the back of your trench or remove it completely, and be sure to also remove the tires on the trench.

Tip from the stylist: Personalize your trench by replacing your original belt with your favorite belt.


The length 7/8, which is cut just above the knee, is the length that fits most silhouettes. If you are quite small (5’4 and smaller), try a 3/4 length (mid-thigh). Avoid long fads that go to the ankles if you want to stretch your figure.

Color / printing

You can never go wrong with a neutral trench coat such as black, khaki, navy and beige tones. You can invest more in this color choice because they fit easily in most outfits.

If the trends matter to you, knowing that pastel colors (especially pale pink.), White (beautiful, but messy), nautical and floral prints are popular this spring.

Other options:

Do you already have a ditch? Why not add a parka-style jacket or a sport-chic trench coat to your collection? Note that these two options are more reserved for sport-chic looks for your leisure and weekend trips. The prints and colors will add an original touch that is highly appreciated on rainy days. the yellow trench coat remains a classic that illuminates the gray.