It’s the night of every girl’s high school night. Prom night is almost like a fairy tale. You transform into this version of yourself that you’ve never seen before and dance the night away with some of your friends. It’s not only fun but it’s where you can make some lasting high school memories. It’s especially sentimental if you’re a senior. Soon you’ll be whisked away to college meeting new people and getting new friends. You won’t be seeing your high school friends as much so you want to make the night as memorable. It doesn’t matter if you have a date or not. What’s important is that you look your best and spend it with people you care about. In order to do that you need to start early. Don’t be a last-minute kind of girl and cram everything in one day. It’ll save you from a whole lot of stress if you prep weeks before the actual night.

Start the Dress

This is probably the most important part of the process. It’s what everyone will see! So, as soon as you can, begin the dress hunt. Keep in mind the school dress code. You want to dress to impress but you don’t want to violate any restrictions. There have even been cases of girls not allowed inside the venue because of disobeying the dress code! Bummer, right? Once you have these guidelines you can scour as many stores as you need. The best option is to always have it tailor-made. But, this can get expensive. Not to worry as numerous stores carry inexpensive yet fashionable options. One type of store you should steer clear from is the online kind. It’s important for you to try the dress to see if it fits to perfection. Buying it online won’t give you that option.

Schedule the Treatments

This means skin, teeth, and hair! Prom is your personal red carpet so you need to look glowing. You can have the best dress in the school but if you’re looking stressed and tired it won’t do it any good. You don’t have to go overboard with the services. It can get pricey after all. But, do what you can to look clean and presentable during the day itself. That means clear skin, white smile, and soft luscious hair. Looking for places like these isn’t hard to do. If you search online you might stumble upon hair salons Hanover pa which features many hair treatments for the special night.

Have an Emergency Kit

During the night itself, it’s important to keep an emergency kit for those instances that you don’t expect. Instances like your dress ripping, bad breath from the food, or when it’s that time of the month can catch you off guard. So, having breath mints, double sided tape (for the dress of course) and extra feminine pads are to be expected. It’s your night anyway, so don’t let these little emergencies ruin a fun occasion for you and your friends.