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Top 10 Brands of Sunglasses

As spring approaches, many people stop thinking about winter wear and start looking to upgrade their sunglass options. It is important to remember that not all sunglasses are created equal. When considering the brand and style to purchase, there are a few critical factors to examine. The most crucial factors are: UV protection, glare reduction, style, and price. Sunglasses with proper UV filters protect against cataracts, skin cancer, and other eye issues. A quality lens will provide 100% protection from harmful UV rays while allowing the eye to see a clear and colorful image. A proper fit is also imperative, as a pair of sunglasses that is constantly sliding up and down the face or falling off will not protect your eyes.

In no particular order, listed below are ten of the top brands of best sunglasses for men.

  1. RAY-BAN. One of the more pricier brands on the market, the Ray-Ban Aviator glasses experienced a surge in popularity thanks to movies such as “Risky Business” and “Top Gun”. These Italian sunglasses offer a variety of styles and represent an iconic style popular around the globe.
  2. EMPORIO ARMANI. Armani is known for its more contemporary and trendy designs. Offering both classic designs as well as the latest styles in sunglass fashion, Armani is a popular choice for the younger ages.
  3. OAKLEY. This California based company specializes in athletic and lifestyle clothing and gear. The rugged Oakley glasses are an ideal choice for athletes and those needing their sunglasses to stand up to the outdoor elements.
  4. GUCCI. Although sunglasses represent a small proportion of sales of this upscale Italian fashion powerhouse, this accessory is quickly gaining popularity. With a wide variety of price points and fun style details, this is a recommended choice for those looking to add more fashion to their choice of sunglasses.
  5. DOLCE & GABBANA. Yet another luxurious Italian fashion house, Dolce & Gabbana is known for its high-end and upscale designs. Dolce & Gabbana is easily recognized by its D and G intertwined logo. Dolce & Gabbana is a great choice when looking for a timeless yet trendy design.
  6. PERSOL. Like Oakley, Persol sunglasses are designed with athletes in mind. This tough design lends itself to a sportier look. Most of the Persol designs feature the trademarked Supreme arrow.
  7. TOM FORD. Tom Ford is a relative newcomer to the sunglasses market, yet the popular American fashion designer has made a mark for himself in the last decade. This stylish accessory is routinely recognized as one of the best sunglasses for men.
  8. BURBERRY. Nothing says classic style like Burberry. This popular European brand is a timeless look for those looking for a simple and clean look in their sunglasses.
  9. MAUI JIM. People turn to Maui Jim for a taste of the Hawaiian islands. Made popular in the late 1980s in Hawaii, this brand quickly splashed into the mainland and around the world. The patented multi-layer design and fun colors make Maui Jim a good choice for those looking for style and whimsy in their protective eyewear.
  10. PRADA. One of the most popular names in the market of luxury sunglasses, Prada is best known for their unconventional designs. Offering a variety of colors and shapes at a variety of price points, most everyone should find something to suit their needs when shopping the Prada line.

Choosing the right pair of sunglasses to fit your needs is often a daunting task. It is recommended to shop around and to not hesitate to ask the sales professional or optician for expert advice.