What is known has artificial bridal necklace and south Indian jewellery set with price?

If you are a budget bride-to-be, you might want to invest in artificial jewellery set overs the real gold. After all, a bride is incomplete without her wedding jewellery. Nowadays artificial bridal necklace sets are a great option for weddings; there are pocket-friendly prices and great designs. So, if you are looking for some stunning jewellery pieces to style up for your wedding look, choose the artificial necklace. The man-made ornament comes with different designs and at an affordable price.

What are the types of bridal necklaces set used in artificial?

You can easily buy a stunning necklace set online by searching artificial bridal necklace set with price where you can see the jewellery with a price tag. There are probably more than a dozen different types of necklaces are there for wedding. The popular and most beautiful designs used by most of peoples are,

  • Choker- The choker has gained popularity in fast few years in the western world. many women choose to go for choker necklace on their wedding day and big occasions.
  • Rani Haar- Rani Haar is popular among bridals for long time, where it is well known for multi layered necklace.
  • Navratan- Navratan necklaces are made up of precious and semi-precious colorful gems with pearls, ruby, coral, diamond and sapphire.
  • Collar necklaces- this necklace is similar to choker, but they lie closer to or on the collarbone.

What is known as south Indian jewelry?

Since from ancient days, ornaments have become a part of women’s life. Especially if you are a bride, you have to try south Indian jewelry such as necklace, bangles, earrings, rings, mangalsutra, armlets, etc. In India, every state has a different culture and religion, based on that there are different variations and unique designed ornaments are available. It makes them so gorgeous and pretty.

What are the different types are in south Indian jewellery?

You can see different types of South Indian jewellery set with price online for purchasing. Following are mainly used jewellery in south Indian

  • Mangalsutra – It is considered as the most important ornament of marriages. This one is born in south India and also used by other countries. It is named as thaali in Tamil Nadu, Ela in Kerala, and pustelu in the Telugu community.
  • Waistband – This ornament is used in two ways in south Indian culture, one way is called as aranjanam and another is called as vaddanam. 
  • Aranjanam – It is used to measure the growth of the child in the waist. Our ancestors use this to cure many diseases in ancient days.
  • Vaddanam – This ornament is used by the south Indian women on special occasions like wedding, engagement, etc.
  • Bangles and bracelets – In Indian culture, it is considered as the essential accessories. It makes your hand so beautiful. This is available in different designs and colors.
  • Necklace – Necklace is made with diamond, gold, pearls, stones, etc and it decorates women’s neck with beautiful designs.