World Of Mesmerizing Cakes – Cakes With Unusual Names

If asked, name one of the things without which none of your special occasions is complete? The answer would definitely be cake because in today’s modern world, we value both sweets and cakes equally. In India, from ancient times, we always have a den ready with sweets to serve our friends, relatives, and guests on special occasions. And now with wide availability of cakes, our celebrations have become larger. Now, our dessert table in social gatherings have laddoo as well as a red velvet cake and we just love every bits and pieces of these lavish cakes. Another helpful fact is that with cakes, a readymade gift option is always ready with us. On any occasion, we don’t think twice to treat our loved ones with cakes.

The world of gifts also has given a generous space to the cakes because of the rich healthy ingredients and great taste. With emergence of online shopping, one can send cakes to Dubai or to any other place of the world at ease. I would give you a briefing of some types of cakes and it may enrich your planning for the next party.

Angel food cake

Angel food cake: The name itself is so alluring that anyone would feel hungry for cakes. The basic ingredients of an Angel food cake is cream of tartar, vanilla and almond extract, a dozen of egg whites, and some salt. The most important fact is that there is no use of flour for this cake which gives it a very fluffy presence. Generally, you would be served an Angel cake with berries and whipped cream and the taste would always be stored in your memory.

Black Out Cake to UAE

Black Out Cake: No no, don’t worry reading the name? You would surely not get black out with a piece of this cake. The name is given to acknowledge the huge content of dark chocolates in the cake baking. A very dark chocolate layer cake is filled and frosted both with dark chocolate pudding and choco crumbs. This cake would be much loved by those who loves to gorge on dark chocolates more than the milk chocolates.

Boston Cream Pie Cake

Boston Cream Pie: Just like the fact that a cheesecake is actually a pie, a Boston Cream pie is actually a cake in reality. Two fluffy layers of sponge cake is filled with vanilla custard and glazing with chocolates are done. Just for the fact that it used to be baked in a pie tin, the name pie is still attached to it.

Apart from all these, there are many options of black forest, chocolate truffle, butterscotch, mango cheesecake, etc. that can be selected carefully before getting the cake delivery in Dubai, USA, Australia or any other part of the world to your friends and family.

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