Fun Party Favors

Fun Party Favors

Event planning is a significant undertaking. From finding an event space to catering, music, and themes, there are many moving parts to manage. Party favors for guests can be a whole separate challenge. Check out these fun gift and ideas and expand from the ordinary through personalized items, cookie gift baskets, or items to use well into the future.


There are quite a few fun food items that can be arranged into party favors. Chocolates and candies are a classic, especially because bags can be personalized with messages or markings about the event. Many candies can even be individually stamped or printed with images of faces. For those that prefer savory to sweet, popcorn is a fun option too. Recipe bags that guests can take home and bake or make are a fun and active party favor that will stay with guests even longer.


There is plenty of opportunity for fun within the realm of drinks, too. Tiny alcohol bottles can be branded with ways to mark an event. Additionally, many beverages can be less expensive when ordered in bulk. To take this party favor idea to the next level, putting the ingredients to a recipe for a whole mixed drink together as a takeaway is a wonderful gift that any guest will relish. Continue to “cheers” even after the event is over.


Small pieces of houseware are another great party favor. Etched drinkware, shot glasses, or plates and mugs make any event even more memorable. Koozies are another awesome classic, especially because people can never have too many. Capture a mood by sending guests home with scented candles marking the occasion. Candles are another great way for guests to continue to think of the event long after it has passed. With so many fun ways to send guests off, there’s something for everyone.