How To Dress Safely For A Manufacturing Industry

How To Dress Safely For A Manufacturing Industry

Do you work in the manufacturing industry? Maybe you are interested in working in this particular field or perhaps you have just been hired, either way, you will need to have the best safety equipment to prevent accidents and injuries. Here is a list of the top 6 safety items that will help prevent injurious situations.

Long Pants

Wearing long pants in a manufacturing environment can play a huge part in comfortability and work performance in the workplace. Long pants help protect you from scraping or cutting your skin if you happen to be moving at a fast pace which typically occurs at manufacturing jobs. Wearing long pants can also provide extra insulation from colder temperatures and protection from liquids that may be harmful to the skin.

Steel Toe Boots

Steel toe boots are a must when working in a manufacturing environment. Wearing steel toe boots helps shield your toes from being broken if heavy industrial equipment is dropped on them. Steel toe boots also provide extra support and most of them are somewhat comfortable with gel insoles. If you would like to view some of the more fashionable steel toe shoes on the market produced by steel blue boots, take a look in some stores which provide safety guards.

Proper Work Gloves

Having the proper gloves can make your work task so much easier. A good pair of rubber gloves like these are great when working with sharp cardboard or various liquids in the manufacturing environment that may be hazardous. A lot of compounds can burn the skin just by coming in contact with the epidermal layer, the skin can also be burned by some gasses that are in the air if you are not careful.


The use of a mask in certain manufacturing conditions is vital. Chemical gasses can permanently alter the brain and destroy brain cells if directly inhaled or even breathed in by someone in an adjacent area with exposure to them. While choosing a mask you want to make sure you pick the perfect mask for the job application you are conducting.

If you are in an environment with gasses in the air you will want to make sure your mask has some sort of filtration system attached to it so that it will be able to filter the chemicals out of the air you need to breathe. Some jobs will just require the use of a simple face mask and that is ok as long as you are comfortable with its ability to protect you from the toxins in the air you will be fine.

Watch (Optional)

You may want to wear a sports watch while on the job if you like to check the time while on shift. The watch is an important safety tool because it prevents employees from looking at their cellphone to check the time and becoming distracted while on the job. This is listed as optional because some people don’t even check the time while they are working and that is what most employers recommend anyway.

Safety Glasses

Safety glasses are a very important part of working in the manufacturing industry because there are always particles floating around in the air. Whether they are dirt particles or particles from chemicals they are all not meant to come in contact with your eyes.

Protecting the eyes is a special task and is very necessary. If your eyes get damaged on the job you may never be able to work at the same rate you once did and most people will be upset about that. Safety glasses also can protect your eyes from flying objects if anything ever happens to break.