The Ins and Outs of Men’s Briefs, Boxers, and Commandos

This world is full massive options that leave you overwhelmed. When it comes to underwear, you shouldn’t spend too much time wondering what to put on. This post will make things easier for you in your selection process. As a man, you prefer things when they are much simpler. That is why this article gives an in-depth review of briefs, boxers, and commandos so you can see which option suits you best. Research has been carried out to assess the reproductive health of men who prefer boxers over briefs and the outcomes show no difference in their fertility. So, what is your a best choice- briefs, boxers, or commando? It all comes down to what you find most comfortable.


Most men consider briefs as the sexiest underwear ever. Think about the Sloggi men’s midi briefs; they flaunt the upper thigh, hug the waistline while increasing the front bulge. Even though brief wearers are perceived as selfish lovers, they learn to embrace hygiene because briefs can sometimes create hot and humid environments. In fact, most athletes prefer Sloggi men’s briefs because they give ample support to the front package and minimize chafing. If you adore briefs, make sure that you choose synthetic materials which have the ability to wick moisture away. After working out, always put on a fresh pair of briefs. Another important consideration is putting on your socks before the underwear to minimize chances of transferring athlete’s foot fungus to your crotch.

As for men’s Sloggi basic maxi briefs, their support is great plus they provide sufficient fabric. They cover up the upper thigh and their waiSt band is very comfortable. They may not be the sexiest underwear but they project confidence.


No underpants protect your precious zones from a zipper like boxers. These types of underwear are sexy and comfy but be prepared for a leg ride-up. Just make sure you don’t put on them when you are exercising due to friction which may cause chafing. The other concern about boxers is the testicular torsion which you definitely want to avoid.


This is the easiest type of underwear a man can have. It is far much better than going without underpants- something that’s considered gross or lack of hygiene. Men who wear commandos don’t actually care about appearances and are the most easy-going guys. It is hard to read a commando guy; he can be anything from an outgoing person to a lazy guy. He might be a free-spirited guy who wouldn’t judge you for wearing sloppy attire. To conclude, we can say that this is what appeals to a commando guy: less expensive, less laundry, breathability, and no injury risks or testicular torsion.

Final word

Briefs, boxers, and commando are all great- they are more than just underpants because they express a man’s personal style. The best advice you can get from an underwear expert is to stick with what is comfortable. If you like the sexy Sloggi men’s midi briefs and they seem sound to you, then go for them. If you are more of a don’t-care guy, the commando would do for you; while boxers will work for you if you are anything between. Good news is that with these three types of underwear, you have nothing to worry about your fertility, so stop bugging underwear experts with fertility questions.

But no matter what you choose, please buy new pairs once in awhile to improve your personal hygiene. Clean them on a daily basis and toss away the soiled ones.