Tips for Choosing the Perfect Bag

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Bag

Going shopping is totally fun and also stressful. But if the time comes to combine your outfit and you have doubts, we are here to help you, because we know that sometimes, we all have doubts to choose that perfect bag that completes our look.

Before we start, we want to invite you to think about yourself, to look inward so that you try to discover what suits you best according to your contexture and your personality, but without forgetting to mark your style. You must keep in mind that there are many bags (elegant, minimalist, modern, casual, simple, as well satchel bag with details, etc.), but you must choose one that goes according to each situation. Once you have done this, we can start. Are you ready? Read on if you want to know our tips for choosing the perfect bag.

Let your Body Speak

Your figure plays an important role because during the choice of a bag you must compensate the lines and curves of your body. Always keep in mind that if you are thin, curved bags are the best option, and if you have a few curves, it is preferable to opt for straight bags. Now you understand why we told you that the first thing you should do was meet you?

There is a lot of research on the type of bag that you should choose according to your body shape. Essentially, the shape of the satchel bag should complement its structure – according to BagInning the tall and thin and should opt for a short, shape or bags wider than their ungainly height, petite women should stick to the bags with small wefts, in addition, the size of women should opt for thinner bags, not smaller.

Contrast and Colors

The contrast is an aspect that makes a lot of difference and that will help you combine your look more effortlessly. For example, if you are passionate about prints, you should choose to use the same shade of your clothes, but if you want to look good without complicating yourself, remember that neutral colors, such as cream and beige, and dark colors, such as black and gray, combined with everything.

Closure or Magnet

If we talk about security, closing is the best option, but if we talk about functionality (speed to open and close) the magnet wins. So what do you think is better? Think well about what you want in each situation and which one suits you best.

Type and Size Count

Finally, think about your needs too. Remember that in BagInning we make leather and satchel bag for each type of woman and we seek to offer you all sizes and styles for your day to day, regardless of the situation.