Viral Wedding Proposals: 8 of the Internet’s Best

Viral Wedding Proposals: 8 of the Internet’s Best

Viral wedding proposals. We’ve all seen at least one before. And we’ve all smiled, gushed, laughed, and sometimes, even cringed at them, but you can’t deny that it leaves a major impact on people’s lives.

Ever since wedding proposal videos started popping up everywhere online, a lot of men have begun planning the grandest wedding proposal they can come up with.

It has gotten so popular that viral-wedding-proposal planning has become a profession! Think about it: If you, as a man, have no idea how to go about these things, you can now seek the help of a professional to make your proposal one for the books.

That being said, we have listed some of the best and most adorable wedding proposals we found online.

8 of the Internet’s Best Wedding Proposals

  1. Flash Mob Proposal 

So you say you want a grand wedding proposal? Nothing screams grand louder than a flash mob. If that’s not enough, then bringing in the marching band is sure to seal the deal.

  1. Subway Train Proposal 

Regardless of location, there’s just something purely wonderful when people suddenly just burst out into song. It’s even more magical when you find out it was meant for you. A lovely day indeed!

  1. A Deceptive Proposal 

Under the guise of a celebratory trip to New York to celebrate his girlfriend completing one year of graduate school, the man pulled no stops on this one. Fake itinerary, fake Broadway tickets, the works. We’ve never seen someone got this excited over a deception. This is a cute and fun one.

  1. Weather Channel Proposal

Hey, he already has free video coverage and a live audience so might as well, huh? It sure beats just hearing about the weather forecast.

  1. The Final Performance Proposal

U.S. servicemen don’t just know how to protect the country, they also know how to propose in style. This U.S. Airman proposed to his dance teacher girlfriend on the night of her final performance. Thank you for your service, sir, and congratulations to both of you!

  1. Luvabull Proposal

While we’re on the subject of productions, how about this half-time production wedding proposal to Luvabull Ariana? This one-upped the ante on production values for sure. The look on her face says it all.

  1. Surprise Proposal-and-Wedding Proposal

It’s either he planned this one really well or he’s just quite an assuming fellow but the proposal and the wedding all took place on the same day. Good work, sir!

  1. The “Sleeping Beauty” Proposal

This one takes the cake for us. You have to see this one to believe it with your own eyes. Lee proposed to his high school sweetheart, Sthuthi, with the help of her favorite Disney movie. He worked with an animator and swapped the main characters with animated versions of themselves and…

We won’t spoil it. Click here to see the video.

With all of these outstanding — albeit sometimes outrageous — wedding proposals, nothing beats the impact of a sincere man getting down on his knees to ask the woman of his dreams to spend all of eternity with him.

While all of these videos are amazing and praiseworthy, do not feel pressured to ride the wave. This is not to take away from the videos above. These are great expressions of love but one should never feel pressured to follow suit just because everyone is doing it.

If all you have is a nice engagement ring from Salt Lake City, then that’s all you really need to make it meaningful. No fanfare necessary. No set-ups needed. Just you, your special someone, and the ring.