Why Coffee Mug Printing is Popular

Why Coffee Mug Printing is Popular

Across the globe, one thing is universal. No, love is not what we are talking about. It’s the habit of drinking coffee! Everyone loves to have a gulp of this enervating drink from their coffee cup both in the morning and the evening to keep them going perky and strong. This is why coffee mug printing is so popular.

Reasons for the Popularity of Coffee Mug Printing

Coffee mug printing and the coffee mug itself is immensely popular for a lot of reasons, including those that are listed below.

  1. Emotional Attachment

A Heinz survey revealed that almost 60% of the people are attached to their own special coffee mug. They have a mug of their own colour, shape and choice and prefer to drink coffee in it every day. Some even get paranoid if their mug is misplaced. In fact, 40% off the surveyed candidates said their coffee mugs were irreplaceable while 1/3rd of them were quite sure that they would be heartbroken if it broke.

This emotional attachment to the coffee mug is what makes its printing so popular as people love to see the coffee mug as an extension of their personality .so they definitely want to print their own mug.

  1. Gifts

Coffee mugs make good gifts to present dear ones on their birthdays, engagements, anniversaries or graduations. The surface of a coffee mug has ample space to print some greeting message and even print a photo on it. This makes it a highly personalized gift that anyone will love.

This is why coffee mug printing is so popular and is available in almost every gift shop as well as online.

  1. Hygiene

Drinking from your own coffee mug is not a mere act of sophistication, but a pure act of sanitation and hygiene. Don’t overlook the fact that many diseases are spread through contact with human saliva.

The awareness of this fact has spread so much that everywhere people prefer to use their own coffee mugs at home and office for drinking. They do not like to use others cups or share theirs, and rightly so. Using your own mug helps you from contracting bugs, germs, bacteria, and diseases from someone else’s mug.

This point may be missed out. Having your individual coffee mug and taking good care of it promotes cleanliness and hygiene.

  1. Promotion

Coffee mug printing can be used to promote a company’s brand awareness. Since it is an item of daily use and high utility value, the coffee mug is used for creating brand visibility by printing the company or brand credentials on it.

One look at the mug and a lasting impression is created for the brand. This is what makes coffee mug printing so popular,

  1. Affordability

A coffee mug is great whether you are buying it for yourself or for someone else. It is the right gift tailor-made to suit your budget. Moderately priced, the coffee mug is not too expensive to empty your pocket nor too cheap to make it look trivial. It is priced just right to make it feel valued as a genuine gift item.

What more, coffee mug printing becomes truly inexpensive when ordered in bulk and this is why companies prefer printed coffee mugs for their promotional gifts.

  1. Memories

The very nature of the coffee mug makes it a treasurable item. Made of porcelain, ceramic, bone china or even plastic, the coffee mug is printed with an indelible message to create lasting impressions.

Its unique design and printing make the coffee mug worth preserving for a long time. This is why people prefer to gift printed coffee mugs as special personalized gifts.

  1. The Favourite at Cafes and Bistros

As long as there are coffee shops and Bistros, coffee mug printing will live on. Every restaurant, hotel, bistro, or café wants to have its own branded coffee mug. This has made coffee mug printing even more in demand.

Coffee mug printing has been popular since the days of the Industrial Revolution, in the early 1750s. It will continue to be the trend for many years to come.

Use the art of coffee mug printing to your advantage by offering printed coffee mugs to your loved ones and make this tradition live on!