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3 Great Short Haircuts for Women over 50

As we age, many lose the willingness as well as the confidence to look stylish. But there are still a lot of ways to carry a great look regardless of age. Beauty is highly subjective, though there are different types of hairstyles that suit different people. Some may consider that it is customary for older women to go for shorter hair, but the fact is that any style of hair, long or short, should be based on what you prefer and what looks good to you, and not on any societal misconceptions. You must consider the feedback of those around you, your hair stylist and base your decisions on that. You could also do some research by searching on the internet, as you are doing right now.

We shall list a few short haircuts for women over 50 years of age. You could consider them and talk with your hair stylist about getting one.

Pixie cuts

This is one of the shortest hairstyles and hence is one of the easiest to maintain and wash, but you will need to get it trimmed every month in order to maintain the proper length. This is quite casual and easy-going hairstyle, and you can make things more interesting by using pomade and getting a spiked appearance. If this kind of appearance is not to your taste, you can always leave a classic pixie cut look. Though some hair product to add a bit of body and preventing the hair from falling flat is recommended. If you have a high hairline, you can add some sweeping bangs to conceal a tall forehead. Even though this is quite simple, there are plenty of opportunities to adapt the style a bit to suit yourself and make it your own.

Shag cuts

The classic shag cut also has plenty of room to be tweaked to your liking. The layered style can be had in long or even shorter haircuts. The layers can be styled in a mussy style which would complement any kind of face. Though maintaining the choppy look would require the use of certain hair products to give it a scrunched hold.

Bob cuts

The classic bob cuts can also be great short haircuts for women over 50. You can also form hair into a demi-bob style, where the hair reaches mid-neck to shoulders. Hair falling flat may be an issue, though it can be taken care of by proper styling and using right hair products. Emulation of volume can be achieved by keeping hair shorter and use of hair sprays. You can also combine it with bangs, which would hide a tall forehead and make you look younger. Though simple long bob cut can also look quite elegant. The key to determining what kind of bob cut will suit you is to have one that works well with your face. The objective is to have an appearance of an oval face, so if you have a round face, then long bobs would make it look a bit elongated in order to achieve a more oval appearance.