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How Did the Polo Ralph Lauren and Stone Island Logos Become Synonymous with Quality and Style?

Have you ever wondered why some designer brand logos are so effective? Why brands like Polo Ralph Lauren and Stone Island are so instantly recognizable? Well, that’s due in no small part to the clever designs of their logos, even though some of the best-known and iconic logos in the fashion business came about by accident.

Here’s why the Polo Ralph Lauren and Stone Island logos work so well and why, when we see them on designer clothing labels, we instantly think of quality and style.

Stone Island

The Stone Island compass logo has become a much-sought after label on the clothes of people who are into the streetwear scene, and that is been helped along by the patronage of celebrities like Drake. The Stone Island range includes hooded jackets, baseball caps and crew-neck T-shirts, and they all have the famous Stone Island logo displayed on them.

The compass logo came about because the founder of Stone Island, Massimo Osti, had an interest sailing, but the association of the compass with the outdoors and outdoor activities is perfect for the style of clothing that Stone Island produces.

Like all good brand logos, the Stone island compass is simple, and it conjures up just the right images. It’s a great example of a fashion designer brand logo, that has become an iconic symbol of fashion and quality.

Polo Ralph Lauren

Polo Ralph Lauren clothing is targeted at a slightly different market than Stone Island, and their logo reflects this. The smart casual range of clothing from Ralph Lauren that includes chino trousers, long sleeved T-shirts and the famous Ralph Lauren Polo shirt, has a distinctive, American style about it that is very popular with those who are keen on both fashion and sport. The Ralph Lauren polo player logo is perfect for its target market, because of the association that the sport of polo has with elegance, style and sporting prowess.

The logo was, however, stumbled across by Ralph Lauren by accident. He was choosing fabric designs for his range of men’s neckties when he came across the emblem. He realised straight away that the emblem would make a great logo for his fashion brand, so the logo began to appear on all his designer clothing lines.

The association of Ralph Lauren with the sport of Polo, and with high-profile celebrities like the Argentinian polo player Nacho Figueras has helped to cement the reputation of Polo Ralph Lauren as a luxury designer brand, to the extent that the polo player is now commonly associated with quality and style.

Branding is important in all industries, it is what can define a brand and distinguish it from the all the rest, but it has become even more important in fashion than in most other industries, because it can also depict lifestyle choices. Of course, Polo Ralph Lauren and Stone Island are not the only clothing brand logos that have worked well and stood the test of time. Other brands, like Canada Goose and Comme des Garcons Play also have distinctive logos that have become iconic. The important things that a designer logo must be are simple, memorable and timeless, and all of these brand logos have achieved just that.