4 Rules for Buying a Suit Online

4 Rules for Buying a Suit Online

Are you confused about buying a suit online? You are not alone.

The buying process involves so many decisions. And screwing one of them can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

But don’t worry! Use the following four steps to buy suits online.

Ready to start? Let’s suit up.

  1. Know your Measurements 

Buying a suit online denies you the opportunity to try it on before sealing the deal. Thus, the likelihood of ending up with baggy or tight suits isn’t uncommon.

Knowing your measurements could mean the difference between the two. For instance, the two inches difference on your chest might leave you with a suit that’s very tight or baggy. Don’t let this happen.

Buying a fitting suit online isn’t easy. You must get your sizing correct. Use the measurements to buy suits online.

For instance, if your shoulders are broader than other parts, put this into consideration when choosing the style or shape of your suit. Don’t forget to use up-to-date measurements to cater for lost or gained weight.

  1. Read the Store’s Review 

Most online stores don’t use the same sizing when selling suits. So, don’t expect their large, medium, and small sizing to be the same.

Reading the store’s review gives you an insight into these sizes. It also helps you to feel the materials and fittings. All of these are vital when you choose to buy suits online.

  1. Check the Return Policy 

Hopefully, it’ll never get to this point where you’re returning your suit. However, ensuring you’re aware of their policy is vital.

Some retailers will accept returns within 30 days, while others are less flexible. Even then, what’s, are the conditions for accepting or rejecting a return? For example, most retailers require that a suit is in a saleable condition before taking your return.

  1. Work out Your Best Fit 

Buying a suit online denies you the advantage of a sales assistant to advice on fits. Don’t worry! It’s something you can do by yourself. Here’s what to look for:

  • The seam joining the body to the sleeve should line up with your shoulder. If the seam is beyond your shoulder, the suit it’s too big. If the shoulder pushes the envelope into your jacket, the suit is too small.
  • When crossing your arms, the jacket’s fabric shouldn’t stretch across your back. If it extends, the suit is too small.
  • Fasten your jacket and stand up straight. Its collar should sit flat on your neck. But if an object, including your finger, slides through, the jacket is too big.
  • After buttoning, the jacket lapels should sit flush on your chest. If they’re out of shape, then your jacket is too small.
  • The suits trouser should be more comfortable to the button when standing. If the waistband appears tight, it’ll press your hips when sitting down.

Exercise caution to ensure all the suits you buy online are fitting. Otherwise, you may need to return the suit to the seller.


Do you want to buy suits online? Online purchases save you a lot of time and money. Using the above tips ensures you buy the best and fitting suits online.