Know the Top 4 trends in shoes for women and a guide on how to choose them

Know the Top 4 trends in shoes for women and a guide on how to choose them

The year 2020 has undoubtedly been a time filled with surprises who would have ever thought that people will be living in their own homes without stepping for even a bit. Somewhere between keeping ourselves safe by staying at home and not losing the touch of fashion sense completely, we all have adapted to live our lives in 2020. So just to brush you up on the most fashionable footwear out in the world here are the top 4 trends you must know about.

  • Gladiators: As our lives today feel like a battle we are playing against the virus, so might as well dress up for it accordingly. The gladiators are these ancient greek sandals that were mainly worn by the Roman gods and in today’s time have become a popular option of footwear.
  • Mules: The second upcoming trend is the Mules; this footwear has been a constant in the market since Spring 2019. They can be worn with your semi-formal outfits and also the classy casual dresses. They are comfortable to wear and come in a wide variety.
  • Slip-on Shoes: One of the most effortless ways to create a cute look with your everyday basic jeans is to wear it with the slip-on sneaker along with a graphic printed crop top. They look great with short dresses and even with your beach shorts.
  • Ankle-Strap Heels: As we all have kept our precious heeled shoes in the closet for months now, we feel it is time we take them out. One of our favourite heel shoes is the ankle strap shoes they look great on everyone and provide extra comfort. So get ready to pair them with your LBBs and maxi dresses.

By now, you must be ready with your shopping list, so let us deep dive into what you need to keep in mind to buy the most comfortable shoes. Research by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) shows that about 50% of Americans between 18 and 60 suffer from some foot ailment, and the main reason is wearing the wrong footwear. Thus it would be best if you took precautions before choosing shoes.

Find below a few tips on choosing comfortable shoes.


Look for a design built for comfort

Some shoe companies sacrifice comfort for style. That may look fine for occasional wear, but it’s also imperative that you get those shoes for women with comfortable features. Some of the features include;

An ankle collar is the area of the shoe that wraps around the ankle- where Achilles notch is located. Ankle collars prevent rubbing and friction while providing support for the ankle.

An Achilles notch the groove at the back where the Achilles tendon meets the shoe. The notch will help reduce fiction near the heel, preventing tearing of skin that leads to blisters.

A midsole: the floor of the shoe which controls foot motion and absorb shock. For comfort, go for shoes for women with a midsole that fits well to your foot.

Pick a flexible shoe

Flexibility is such a vital consideration when it comes to walking and jogging shoes. To test for flexibility, bend the toe of the shoe upward. If the shoe bends under the ball of the foot, and not halfway along the arch, then it’s the right choice. Twisting the shoe helps you to test for support. When you turn, there should be some light resistance.

Choose a lightweight shoe

Compared to a light shoe, heavy shoes for women take a lot of effort to walk around and are made of less comfortable material. Heavy shoes are also less flexible and can stifle your natural stride. If you’re looking for hiking shoes or perfect ones for warm weather, light material will allow your feet to breathe more easily.

Pick a small and wide heel

Your knees and ankles need support, and if you choose shoes for women with a short but wide heel, you have the support. This works well with dress shoes and sandals. Any shoe that is above 2 inches raises the risk of an ankle sprain.

Choose great cushioning

The type of shoe will determine the cushioning. For instance, a walking shoe will have more cushions on the ball of the foot while a running shoe will have cushioning on the heel. Therefore, you must choose footwear appropriate for the activity you intend to wear it for.

Room inside the shoe

The primary reason why most people suffer when wearing shoes is the wrong size. The shoe that you choose should have enough space to wriggle your toes.

Finding perfect shoes for women makes you feel excellent and comfortable. The truth is that you can get a comfortable shoe without compromising the style. Look for reputable shoes for women online shop and choose your perfect shoe.