Save Trees and Go Paper-Free with Jute Bags

Save Trees and Go Paper-Free with Jute Bags

Nearly 3.5-7 million trees are being cut down every year. This massive deforestation is robbing the planet of not only its green wealth and but also depriving it of its rain. More and more areas in the world are becoming drought-prone due to the scarcity of water and water has become the most precious resource in the world. Trees can no longer be cut at random as the earth is becoming denuded.

At this juncture, most countries have adopted various eco-friendly measures to save the planet and one such initiative is to ban plastic. With the plastic ban coming into force, people are on the search of other eco-friendly alternatives to be used for manufacturing shopping and carry bags. The best alternative that has emerged to go paper-free is Jute bags.

Why Jute is the Eco-friendliest Material

Jute, also called the Golden Fibre, is truly golden in its benefits. It is a crop that is very beneficial to all- the soil, the environment and the man cultivating it. It requires very little maintenance and can be grown easily with little resources. The amount of manure, herbicides, pesticides, etc. needed for jute cultivation is negligible.

The most potent benefits of jute cultivation are that it requires very little land! Yes, 1 hectare of land can produce more jute than cotton or any other cash crop. This spares more land to be used for producing other crops. The amount of water used totally for jute cultivation is less than that used for other crops. Jute leaves a very low carbon footprint as it absorbs most of the carbon-dioxide and emits much oxygen, thus cleaning the environment.

For all the above reasons, jute is the eco-friendliest material and is extensively used to print jute bags.

How Jute Bags Can Help Save Trees

  1. Jute bags are manufactured in an eco-friendly way.

Jute is grown and harvested within 6 months and using this fibre, printed jute bags are manufactured even using small cottage industries. Very few chemicals are used for jute processing and hence Jute is a safe crop to be grown on Mother Earth. Jute bags are manufactured in an eco-friendly way, helping us save the environment.

  1. Jute bags are organic and harmless

Jute is a naturally-grown crop made of plant fibres which decompose easily and merges into the soil. Jute bags are totally biodegradable and leave no harmful residue in the soil when burnt. Nor do they emit any toxic fumes while being manufactured. Unlike plastic which clogs up the waterways and landfills, or paper bags which require trees to be cut down, jute bags don’t harm the environment. Jute bags also decompose easily and become compost for the soil.

  1. Jute bag manufacturing saves a lot of water

Jute is basically grown in humid areas. Yet, the total water consumption for jute cultivation is far less than that consumed for other crops. This means a lot of water can be saved for growing more trees.

  1. Jute bags can be Reused

Jute bags are durable and have high tensile strength and they have a long life due to their low extensibility and also resist wear and tear. Due to these reasons, jute bags can be used again and again, thus reducing the need for new bags. No more trees need to be cut to manufacture new bags as jute bag last long and retain their original texture always.

Advantages of Jute Bags

  1. Jute bags are fashionable and trendy and always in vogue. They are available as totes, shopper bags, and lunch bags. Expert suppliers have a unique collection of Jute bags in a variety of designs.
  2. Jute bags are fabricated with fashion and quality- consciousness by reliable suppliers who give a commitment to quality, style and price.
  3. Jute bags are economical and cost less when ordered in bulk. Instead of buying paper bags or plastic bags repeatedly, companies prefer Jute bags as they are a one-time investment as they have a longer shelf life and hence offer more brand recall.
  4. Jute bags can be customized as their material that blends easily with all pigments and dyes. Only expert suppliers can customize your Jute bags in your favourite colour and design and tailor these bags exclusively for you.
  5. Jute bags are best as promotional or corporate gifts as they are preserved for life with equal loyalty by employees and clients.

Jute bags not only save trees and the environment, but also your valuable money. So invest in printed jute bags from trusted suppliers and do your bit in saving the trees and the earth.