Style and Go: Easy Men’s Hairstyles for the Laziest of Dudes

Style and Go: Easy Men’s Hairstyles for the Laziest of Dudes

Let’s face it, we all want to look like an Instagram model but without all that unnecessary effort. As men, we all don’t have the stylish intuition of what looks great and what isn’t flattering. Thankfully there are many ways to fake fashion, look fly, and not have to spend a lot of time in daily preparation. These styles all take less than five minutes and have results that will last all day.

Bedhead– This look gives the appearance that you woke up looking amazing and we sure won’t share your secret. To create this look guys with short hair should start by applying a dab of hair wax (warm in your hands first). Next, use a flat iron to straighten your hair while angling it to the side. Finally, make sure it has a slightly messy look before finishing with hairspray. Bam- done! For guys with longer hair, you have the option of spraying your roots with dry shampoo, finger combing, then finalizing the bedhead look with hairspray.

Classic– This simple style is ideal for a cleaned up appearance. Start by combing your hair then parting it on the side. This is one of the many ways of how to use styling cream. Using a small amount, work the styling cream into the hair. Once applied you have two options to keep it sleek or add some body to the look. For the sleek look simply comb both sides toward the back of the head. For added body use the comb to tease the roots creating natural lift. Finger comb to the desired look then finish with hairspray to make it last.

Side Bang– Guys with long bangs definitely want to embrace the look. Starting with wet hair, blow-drying it using a paddle brush or round brush sweeping the bangs to turn under. Brush down the rest of the hair straight down. This look can be kept loose, sweeping to the side and finished with styling cream and hairspray. Other options are to position the bangs back and to the side, so they are out of the face. Finally, the bangs can be straightened then brushed straight back using hair wax to keep it in place and provide an optimal shine. The last option looks particularly excellent when the sides are buzzed.

As guys, we dress to impress…most of the time, but we always want to look good whether we are wearing ratty sweats or a new button-up. Having an easy go-to style to do in the morning saves time, creates routine, and allows you to perfect your skills. The bedhead, classic, and side bang looks all take five minutes or less to look put together. Keep some essential styling tools on hand like a flat iron, styling cream, hair wax, dry shampoo, and hairspray. This your hair arsenal locked and loaded to turn you from to hunk whenever you decide. Make one of these styles your go-to look today.