The 5 Types of Belts Every Man Should Have

The 5 Types of Belts Every Man Should Have

A belt, although many see it as an insignificant accessory, can be the difference between a stylish and shabby appearance. Choosing the right kind of belt for every occasion starts with knowing the type of belts that are available, their differences, and when to wear each of them. There are different types of belts that every man needs to have. Let us look at them below.

  1. A reversible belt

If you love value for money—which we all do, then you will love the reversible belt. Having a reversible belt is like getting two belts for the price of one. A reversible belt is one which either side is functional. It is a great choice when you want to make a quick switch to casual from formal or otherwise. You choose the size of the belt you prefer by pulling the buckle up and twisting it to your preferred side. Be very careful when choosing the belt, and ensure the reverse side of the belt is not visible when you are wearing it. Check out some of the best men’s reversible leather belts.

  1. A casual statement belt

Do you have a personal style? Everybody does, and there is no better way to flaunt that than with a statement belt. The correct statement belt should go well with just about any outfit you have. It should not draw too much attention.

  1. A black and brown dress belt

You cannot run away from black when you are in the formal world. It is almost difficult to imagine anyone who does not own a black belt. A black dress belt is a must accessory because it works with just about any formal outfit. A brown belt is also a necessity for those in the formal sector. Brown goes well with most outfits. You can choose to wear a black or brown belt with matching shoes.

  1. A casual belt

Having a casual belt that you can wear with your jeans or other informal clothes will keep you looking less uptight. A casual belt is made of a rugged material, and a larger buckle compared to a dress belt. The buckle type can be a plate style rather than the usual frame style. You can also go for a D- or O-ring buckle or a snap buckle. A casual belt may have a longer and broader strap than a formal one.

  1. A braided or webbed leather belt

Webbed leather belts are perfect for the summer, and you can wear them with shorts or chinos. Woven belts are the best because you do not have to worry about making holes. You can insert the prong anywhere between the webbing so long as it fits well. The only thing you have to worry about–just like any other belt, is getting the correct length. You can choose between a wide or slim type of a webbed belt.

You can never go wrong with these five kinds of belts in your closet. To make sure they last long, have at least two of each type.