These Are The Best Smartwatches to Buy in 2018 And Beyond (1)

These Are The Best Smartwatches to Buy in 2018 And Beyond

Smartwatches are all the rage these days. With added fitness trackers and health monitors, they make the most desirable gadgets to buy. Moreover, with the release of Apple Watch Series 3, everyone wants to own these ultra-smart watches and Apple has been dominating the market ever since.

This situation is, of course, perfect for iPhone users but what about android or windows user? Because, with the exception of a few brands, all smartwatches require a connection with a smartphone to operate.

Not to worry, this article enlists the smartwatches that are compatible with other smartphones than iPhone. But if you still want to buy an Apple smartwatch, then take a look at this amazing post on the DealsnGadgets blog.  It provides an elaborated review of all the products Apple has to offer.

Also, all the smartwatches described in this article are suitable for iOS as well, so if you are an iPhone owner and looking for a smartwatch other than Apple, the products mentioned below may just be for you.

  1. Fitbit Ionic

One of the most prominent name in the world of smartwatches is Fitbit. The core processor of the latest Fitbit Ionic is compatible with iOS, Android as well as Window Phone. You can expect every feature in this smartwatch Fitbit is known for, plus some new functions. The price of this extremely innovative and productive smartwatch can be found on Amazon.

  • Keep a track of your exercises with the help of fitness features like heart rate monitor, motion sensor and arguably the best sleep tracker any smartwatch has.
  • Swim for longer periods of time with the added water resistant hardware.
  • Spots a built-in GPS system to keep track of runs and miles while exercising.
  • You can also download third-party apps like Pandora and Deezer to listen to music.
  • Respond to text messages and calls as well as emails.
  • Fitbit Ionic has a battery life of 5 days
  1. Garmin Vivomove HR

Garmin entered the competition of smartwatches a few years back with sleek designs and fitness features. The Garmin Vivomove HR is also compatible with android, iOS and windows core processors. Plus, it has analog clock beneath the watch screen that is suitable for both men and women. In order to active the screen, you need to tap it with your finger and it will display the features of the smartwatch.

  • It has a myriad of fitness features like step counter and heartbeat rate tracker that also lets you monitor your stress levels.
  • Connect Garmin Vivomove HR with your smartphone and get updates on your fitness via push notifications.
  • You can also answer texts, emails and phone calls on this smartwatch as well.
  • The battery life of Garmin Vivomove HR can last for a month but only for a week when you use the tap-on features.
  1. LG Watch Sport

This LG smartwatch is the ace of all categories in smartwatch functions. You get a super stylish and sleek watch that is available in various designs for both men and women. However, the only minus point about LG watch sport is that it is only compatible with Android. Some features that make it so desirable are:

  • Additional fitness features like motion sensors, heartbeat detector, sleep tracker to monitor your health and give you a detailed analysis
  • A built-in GPS system to track the miles of your run during jogging.
  • Allows you to listen to music on the go by downloading apps and internal storage.
  • Also allows you to save notes about important appointments and business meetings.
  • Extra long battery life
  • However, all these features comes at a price. The starting price of LG smartwatch is about $349 that may make you reconsider this option.
  1. Samsung Gear Sport

The only smartwatch that comes close enough to Apple’s sport tracking skills is the Samsung Gear Sport. The core processor of Samsung Gear is compatible with iOS and android as well as Windows phone. It has all the necessary features required in a fitness gadget plus some more. You can buy this Samsung smartwatch at about $300 on watch stores.

  • It has fitness monitors like heart rate detector and GPS system to track the miles of running and cycling.
  • Mostly suitable for swimming because it waterproof and monitors swimming strokes under water.
  • Get push notifications on the watch screen as well as your smartphone and stay updated about your health.
  • Download Spotify and listen to music on the go.

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