Radiant Cut Diamond Wedding Ring Settings

High-quality and exclusive wedding rings must not be missing for the most beautiful day of life, whereby platinum represents the most popular choice besides gold and silver. Here at Petragems discover the variety of high-quality wedding rings platinum, which can be adapted as platinum 950 or 600 to your ideas in value and budget. True to our motto “We are wedding!” We would be happy to advise you about platinum as an exclusive precious metal in order to select the perfect ring pair for your upcoming marriage.


Platinum is one of the rarest and highest quality precious metals that are used for the production of jewelry. For a loving couple, platinum wedding rings are the ideal choice to give their love the highest value and to be aware of gold and silver. Wedding rings made of platinum have a similarly charming and timeless appearance as silver, but the exclusive heavy metal is even more exclusive and therefore a truly luxurious choice for your Radiant Cut Diamond wedding rings. There are no limits to your wishes when making your wedding rings Platinum. Fine patterns and embellishments are just as easy to implement as a personal engraving, as well as the decoration with diamonds. In order to make the ring look like it did on the day of the wedding, it is advisable to choose a suitable and well-balanced material. Due to the high specific gravity of the precious metal pairs choose platinum for their wedding rings, who want to wear a solid and solid ring and want to perceive this as a sign of their love and loyalty to the finger. We are happy to show you what other reasons you should choose for your platinum wedding rings and recommend that you look at the application of the wedding ring configuration.

Wedding rings combine platinum and different materials

Due to the exclusive character, the production of rings made of this pure material is not common. Similar to gold, which turns into pink gold or white gold through special alloys, platinum Engagement Ring Settings are supplemented with additives. The most important variants are platinum 950 and 600, whereby the numbers indicate the portion of the precious metal in per thousand. The 950 variant is therefore 95% platinum, only five percent are used as additions to your wedding ring. Cheap and yet an exclusive decision for your wedding rings is the 600 version with a platinum content of 60%. Of course it is possible to combine platinum with other materials for your wedding rings. For example, if you find the simple fabrication of your platinum rings in dull to be too simple, then a diamond can be incorporated to turn your wedding rings into a sparkling eye-catcher. Our TRAURING CONFIGURATOR will help you to discover the many possibilities for combining with other noble materials. Of course, you can also contact our friendly service and find out in a personal consultation, how cheap your rings of platinum and other materials can be through our Paarpeis offer.

General information about platinum

Platinum is a chemical element with the abbreviation Pt, which carries the atomic number 78 in the periodic table of the elements. Like gold and silver, it is a real precious metal and is referred to as transition metal, which has a gray-white color in the wild. Its name derives from Spanish and means something like “little silver”. The heavy metal is not only appreciated in jewelry processing, but is also used in laboratory technology or for implants in dentistry. The degradation of platinum today takes place only very limited and is a fraction of the natural degradation of gold or silver.

Extraction and production of platinum

The traditional extraction of platinum by mining is now limited in South Africa and Zimbabwe instead. Instead, platinum is obtained as a by-product from the production of other pure metals such as copper or nickel. The refining of these metal compounds produces not only pure platinum but also platinum-group metals, which are also suitable for the production of jewelry and other platinum products. In addition, processed platinum can be recycled to make new wedding rings, for example. The dissolution of existing compounds with platinum takes place by aqua regia or similar chemical reactions.